Learn different tips and tricks to make your frontal look natural.

Learn how to color your silkbase closure.

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  • 1
    • How To Navigate The Learning Center
  • 2
    • How To Create a Natural Hairline on Lace
    • How To Color Your Sillkbase Closure Scalp
    • Lace Closure Preparation When Using an Elastic Band
    • Protecting Silkbase While Coloring Closure
    • Dark Brown, Simple Tint Back on 613 Colored Wig
    • How to Create the Perfect Closure
    • Tweezing for Widow Peaks and Low Hairlines
  • 3
    • Using Bold Hold Extreme Cream, Bold Hold Lace Tape
    • Tips For Using Bold Hold Extreme Cream with Bold Hold Lace Tape
    • Bold Hold Lace Remover

Learn Tips and Tricks to Make Your Frontal Look Natural


Tamika Gibson

Instructor, The Hair Diagram Online Education

Tamika Gibson is a recognized beauty influencer and educator, beautifying the world one wig at a time. Born and raised in Flint Michigan, Tamika Gibson thought she was going to be a school teacher. While studying elementary education at Western Michigan University, Tamika looked around the classroom one day and realized that while the other students were excited about becoming school teachers, she was not. At this point Tamika took a detour.

Tamika joined the military where she served as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army and slayed her fellow soldiers with wraps, waves, and wigs. She actually credits the military with preparing her to be the successful entrepreneur that she is today. She says that the discipline and punctuality required by the military have become habits that have set her apart in the beauty industry, and helped her maintain and grow a lucrative business that has allowed her to retire (from styling) at the age of forty.

While Tamika has retired from styling hair on a day to day basis, she is still very much involved in the beauty business. She is a highly sought-after instructor of the next generation of stylists and entrepreneurs. In her classes, she makes it a point to teach students about the importance of financial planning as well as the best techniques for installing frontals. She makes sure that her students understand that the beauty business can be very financially rewarding if you plan accordingly and approach it as a profession…not a side hustle.
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Learn Tips
and Tricks
to Make Your
Frontal Look

And how to color
your silkbase closure